grml: epic fail :)
Links to ISO images (MD5):
for CAINE 1.5;
for DEFT Linux 5;
for grml 2009.10;
for Raptor (20091026);
For other forensic Linux Live CDs (like Helix3): ISO #1, ISO #2 (old SquashFS).

Steps to reproduce the bug:
1. Copy the ISO image to an unused partition on your hard drive (for example: dd if=deft5.iso of=/dev/sdb1);
2. Boot your forensic Linux Live CD (e.g. DEFT Linux).

More (not Casper):
for SPADA 4 (MD5: 57ac655fd2c4fdb280b4cdbdbabc0afb), would also work with BitFlare 1.3.3